Main action :
Definition of a shared strategy to support the cultural and creative industries in order to create added value for the local economy and to overcome barriers and create opportunities for the sustainable development of the regional territory. This will be done even by increasing the awareness of policy makers about the importance of creativity in economic growth.

Regional hub’s description :
A physical place where people from various professions, background and culture are being united and work together to support innovation in cultural and creative industries, including such disciplines as fine art, graphic design, illustration, photography, printmaking, sculpture, 3D design, interaction design, product design, textile and fashion design, film making, animation, games design, music, dance, drama, creative writing, poetry, interior design, architecture, and urban design.

Numbers of stakeholders on the area :
4 university, 15 research centers,  10 bank foundation, 6 technology park, more than 15.000 enterprises

Agenda :
Official launch of the hub: fall 2014

Sum up of the involvment of the partner :
Piemonte Region wants to develop  a tool available for the regional territory to help the growth and development of cultural and creative industries through the synergic coordination of the different actors of innovation process.

Edoardo Braccio (Regione Piemonte)
Tel. +39 011 4323135