Main action :
Real time projects in public and private service sectors of economy will be realized with creative approach on different fields that are strategic for the region and the whole country (transport, tourism, agriculture, spatial revitalization etc.)

Hub’s description :
Through the Regional Creative Economy Centre  a new content of design development (service /information design, design thinking, eco design etc.) will be implemented to raise the potential of entrepreneurs on the field of service sector which is the strongest sector in Ljubljana Urban Region.

Location :
Ljubljana Urban Region. Regional Creative Economy Centre is working in the field of design especially new fields of design strategies through different sub- segments such as creative companies, technology parks, research centres, educational institutions and municipalities of Ljubljana Urban Region.
Regional Creative Economy Centre has about 100 stakeholders involving in Ljubljana Urban Region.

Agenda :
October 2012 – March 2013 event of promoting the new fields of design.

Sum up of the involvement of the partner :
Our aim is to improve understanding, clarity, efficiency, consistency and systematization of service sector by implementing new approaches in design field and development of business models.

Tina Pezdirc Nograšek (Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region)
Tel.  +386 1 306 19 21