Main actions :
Regione Lombardia, as lead partner of the project, manages the coordination of the entire project and will summarize all the partners’ project experiences for raising the awareness in policy makers about the importance of creativity for the economic growth. Its own main actions are in the field of New Design Strategies and new Services for Multimedia and Fashion, in view of “EXPO 2015”

Hub’s description :
Hub will be in the field of new design strategies and new services (with the interaction and the support of multimedia and fashion sectors) for EXPO 2015. The aim of the Creative Camp is the realization of new services and products for Expo 2015, for Milan area and neighboring territories.

Location :
Milan and Lombardy territory, rural and urban areas included

Stakeholders in the area :
Regione Lombardia will develop a network of creative companies, universities, chambers of commerce, cultural institutions and other stakeholders

Agenda :
Monza (Milan), June 2012: first launch of Regione Lombardia for CCAlps project, connected with the presentation of the cultural District in the Province of Monza e Brianza (near Milan): this is a geographically defined system, characterized by a high level of cultural services and a strong development of the related productive chains.

Sum up of the involvement of the partner :
Recognizing Creative Industries as a strategic framework for the development of European economy, Lombardy Region aims to contribute to its growth focusing in particular on design, fashion and multimedia, key-sectors in the region, in the belief that culture-based creativity will help to stimulate and develop innovative products and services.
Combining entrepreneurial skills and ingenuity, Design makes possible to transform the concept of the product into a powerful accelerator of innovation and so to attract capital and talent in the whole area.

Daniela Protti (Regione Lombardia)
Tel. +39 02 67652713