Hub’s description :
“ As an impulse for quality and innovation  creative industries support the development of new services and products. Salzburg is already a fertile soil for creative companies as well as education and research facilities, but missing a well-managed eco-system throughout the region. Hub’s support to cross-fertilize these assets with other sectors, for creativity-based innovation to grow rapidly and sustainably in a structural modern and open economic eco-system based on a strong regional dimension. “

Location :

Regional hub’s description :
The regional hub’s in Salzburg focus on creative industries in design & media and  will bring together, among others,  creative companies, intermediaries’ (technology-parks, incubators, research facilities…), cultural and public institutions in order to develop an eco-system for service innovation and creative industries, where these can flourish, grow and increase their contribution to the regional competitiveness, also by stimulating the demand for their services by companies from other sectors.

Numbers of stakeholders on the area :
The Hub will involve the whole region of Salzburg.

Contact :
Oliver Wagner
Project Coordinator Creative Industries
ITG Salzburg
T +43 (0)662 254 300-19

As the regional innovation agency of the region, ITG Salzburg GmbH coordinates the activities of the cross-regional Network Design & Media with Upper Austria and leads a new regional innovation support service for SME’s focusing on innovation and investment consultancy, coaching and technology/ knowledge transfer by following a key-account approach.

Oliver Wagner (Innovations- und Technologietransfer Salzburg)
Tel  0043(0)662 8042-3148