Corso Lombardia, 194, Torino, 10149 Turin, Italy

Digital & Multimedia Creativity Hub was born thanks to European contributions and to the initiative of the Piedmont Region.

The Hub supports the aggregate companies developing innovation and research projects and analysing high innovative and technological content solutions and competences.

The Hub aims to stimulate the technological innovation, the economic increase and the collaboration among the enterprises carriers of innovative ideas of the territory, collecting of the requirements, transferring acquaintances, rendering available services to high added value and technological infrastructures, promoting highly qualified human capital mobility and addressing the regional actions of support to the research and to innovation in order to strengthen the territorial productive row and the competitiveness in global market.

Nowadays, about 70 members have been involved in this process: small and big enterprises, Research Centers, Associations, Foundations, the University of Turin and the Polytechnic University of Turin.

The Digital & Multimedia Creativity Hub’s institutional administrator is the Scientific and Technological Park VR&MMP. VR&MMP aims to develop the multimedia applications research and experimentation, with a specific regard to the Virtual Reality innovations.

Services · Innovative and qualified planning proposals construction guideline

· Contributions demand in support of projects device and research and innovation services use

· Companies promotion

· Partnerships and networking starting up

Partners · CIRMA - Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sulla Multimedialità e l’Audiovisivo · VDC - Virtual Dimension Center

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