Via Giovanni Merula, 40, Vigevano, 27029 PV, Italy

Hub multimediale Vigevano - LEO Hub - (Leonardo da Vinci)

The Hub was created by the Politecnico of Torino and by AST-Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Territoriale Vigevano, an organization aimed to enhancing the cultural and touristic area of ​​Vigevano and Lomellina.

The Hub aims to train, to promote the mobility and networking of actors in the field of art, multimedia and innovation with particular attention to the development of the area.

It is devoted to revitalize the historical location of the Castle of Vigevano, making it a place of research, development and production, where emerging and established actors involved in the processes of applying innovation to culture and tourism can meet. This can match another important purpose of the Hub: to build a stable network of relations, strengthening exchanges and cooperation between institutions and research centers and to encourage new business initiatives.

Services: Workshops on creativity, experimental audiovisual sessions, competitions focused on multimedia, support and implementation of forums and events to promote dialogue between schools, universities and research institutions, creative professionals and practitioners.

To know Vigevano is an historical town sited in the south-west of Lombardy, which was a shoes district until the 1990. Vigevano’s hub is now working for a new development of local economy based on digital contents and focused on cultural heritage and tourism.

The Castle, one of the greatest fortified complexes in Europe, ended in 1494 (it was the court of Sforza Family), host now not only the hub, but also the Shoes Museum

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