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The Val Camonica cultural district, funded by Cariplo Foundation in 2009, is one of the 6 cultural districts in Lombardy and promote new enterprises in the fields of art, culture, tourism, craft, through the Incubatore di Imprese Valcamonica

The incubator, based in Civitate Camuno in the center of the prehistoric rock drawings area, aims to raise awareness of the importance of local resources, promoting new creative paths, creating new business and employment opportunities in the cultural field.

Services: Co-working space, education, training, selection, coaching and technical assistance to the new firms.

Partners: Comunità Montana Valcamonica, Consorzio Comuni BIM, Municipalities and cultural institutions of Valle Camonica, Regione Lombardia.

To know. The Rock Drawings in Valcamonica, realized by the prehistoric civilization of Camuni, was the first Italian complex site listed in the UNESCO World heritage list in 1979.

Valcamonica has one of the world's greatest collections of prehistoric petroglyphs – more than 140,000 symbols and figures carved in the rock over a period of 8,000 years and depicting themes connected with agriculture, navigation, war and magic.

Read more: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/94

Regione Lombardia’s Logo is a redesign of a particular symbol represented among the rock carvings of Val Camonica. Pino Tovaglia, Bob Noorda, Roberto Sambonet and Bruno Munari designed it in 1975, in the first years of the regional governement.

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