Based in Turin, Fondazione CRT is a completely independent, private, non-profit foundation with social aim. It originated from Cassa di Risparmio di Torino (Torino Savings Bank) – now in the Unicredit Group – in 1991 as a result of the privatization process of public saving banks and credit institutions in Italy.

Its projects and resources target a broad range of social initiatives that can be grouped in three main areas: Arts and Culture; Research and Education; Welfare and Environment.

Fondazione CRT follows three different operational approaches which complement each other: direct grants, in-house Projects and Venture Philanthropy.

Ever since its creation, Fondazione CRT has been awarding grants to support initiatives and events which enrich the cultural, social and educational offer activities of the regions where it works – from smaller subjects to the main actors in the field of art and in civil society more generally. Alongside direct grants, Fondazione CRT develops its own projects to meet specific local needs in a variety of sectors, with a particular focus on the opportunities for growth, training and work, especially for younger generations. In the last few years, Fondazione CRT has embraced a third operating mode, which has significantly changed its activities: venture philanthropy. This approach goes beyond the simple awarding of grants and instead supports projects which have the potential to become autonomous. Fondazione CRT is paying increasing attention to the sustainability of funded projects and of the subjects that implement them.

Finally, Fondazione CRT is laying the operating foundations for the OGR project – the most important and representative project developed according to venture philanthropy principles. The project aims at transforming the industrial area of the former Officine Grandi Riparazioni di Torino into an innovative centre for cultural and creative production and research.

Despite being rooted in its traditional area of intervention – which covers Piedmont and the Aosta Valley – Fondazione CRT also looks beyond its historical boundaries to Italy, Europe and the world.

It strongly believes in the relevance of internationalization and supports several projects which allow intercultural dialogue, exchange above all for young people, international cooperation among organizations. Fondazione is a member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association, of the European Foundation Center and the United Nations Alliance of Civilization.

Stefania Coni (Fondazione CRT)
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