22 may – 19  July 2013, Stuttgart (Germany)

The Stuttgart Creative Camp offered a wide range of training, networking and collaborative activities to foster the cultural and creative sector in the region and within the Alpine space area. Here is a retrospective of all events that took place from May till July 2013.

22 May 2013, How to set up a business in the creative industries: Focus on App Business Models

Speakers: Marc König, Baden-Württemberg Connected; Daniel Bartel, Digital Consultant

During an interactive workshop, the participants got an insight of the issues related to the setting up of a business in the mobile environment. They were given the opportunity to work on a real business model in group and receive feedback from the trainers.

06th June 2013, Future Trends in Mobile Business Environment

Speakers: Stefan Reinhardt, Senior Vice President Merchant Services, Deutsche Telekom / Products & Innovation
Stephan Sigloch, Online-Marketing-Experte und E-Commerce-Berater, CEO of NETFORMIC, Stuttgart

Participants received an overview of the use of mobile devices and applications in the business world. They learnt what options the use of business apps offer and got answers to the following questions: When and in what areas is the use of mobile business apps useful? How can business processes be optimally handled mobile? What are the best business apps? What opportunities and risks lie behind the use of business apps?

The speakers dealt with topics such as the future trends in the mobile business, mobile commerce, and security issues of mobile payment

20th June 2013, Presentation and Pitching Training

Trainer: Tanja Fury – Auxell Coaching

Participants learnt how to present and communicate their idea or product effectively (also to non-specialist) in order to catch the attention and interest of the audience especially that of potential investors.  They were given the chance to practice by presenting their mobile project ideas while video-recorded and received feedback from the trainer.

01st July 2013, Copyright and legal issues related to App development

Speaker: Tobias Haar, Gameforge

The number of people involved in the development of mobile applications is tremendously rising. However despite the growing market, there are still many legal issues related to the property rights that app developers need to know and pay attention to properly. In an interactive way, the law expert Tobias Haar gave information about the technical and economic foundations of app development, the terms of App stores, information requirements, data protection law, copyright, youth protection and the use of apps for business.

09th July 2013, Creative Financing Day: Financing instruments available to entrepreneurs of the creative industry

Speakers: Bianca Kolb & Stefanie Springer, Manager of Baden-Württemberg Connected; Alexander Martin, Bürgschaftsbank Baden-Württemberg; Jürgen Neidlinger, venture forum neckar e.v; Manuel Heß, IPO.GO Ag; Katrin Becker, MONEX Microfinancing Baden-Württemberg; Bertil Kilian, MFG Innovation Agency for ICT and Media

The lack of capital and often the difficulties in getting financing is often the obstacle for creative people to launch their idea in the market. The Creative Financing Day allowed the participants to gain an overview of the available financial tools and sources ranging from banks, venture/equity capital to funding programs. They also received useful tips and feedback on how to optimize the funding request and network with the experts.

19th till 21st July 2013, Hackathon Stuttgart

The Hackathon was the international highlight of the creative camp in Stuttgart during which the project partners sent selected participants from their regions (2 participants from Italy and one from Slovenia). During this event, thirty software experts from six countries and three different continents gathered in the Stuttgart Literature House to create new mobile applications with the support of experienced mentors.

More info: http://www.hackathon-stuttgart.de/