26-28 September 2013, Salzburg (Austria)

Business ideas for new entrepeneurship



Are you a creative or a creative company? Reply to this call and take part in the selection of Salzburg’s Creative Camp in Design & Media

The Creative Camp Salzburg includes a series of events focusing on creative industries as an innovation driver for other sectors. It will be composed of Workshops, a Creative Lab and a Design-Conference.

Apply for the Creative Lab Salzburg “Business ideas for new entrepreneurship”

The aim of the Creative Lab Salzburg is to discuss and enhance ideas for new business models, products and services with creative folks and mentors or coaches. The lab environment is “Schmiede Salzburg“. Schmiede is a festival for producers – a playground where ideas are nurtured and come to life. Schmiede stands for three things: create, network, present. Schmiede empowers the process of social networking by bringing together the essentials: space, infrastructure, food, people and freedom to explore. Schmiede encourages fail fast forward. The believing is that in order to experience, refine and improve the model of reality interacting, doing and producing, in the best case together, is of the essence.
At Salzburg’s Creative Lab creative folks from design & media shall meet in a creative open space, in order to take a new look on concrete project proposals in an international team and to enhance the proposals in a short time with the feedback from the group (Peer2Peer-Learning).


Call for Ideas: Open Salzburg (Deadline 6 September 2013)

Represents an opening of Salzburg for a future oriented and sustainable development. Inspired by the green paper “Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries” of the European Commission, an innovative access through new business models, products and services shall recharge the traditional and world-famous strengths of Salzburg in the area of culture and tourism – enhancing the growth of the local productive system. The aim is to address specific challenges and problems (related to innovation through creativity), validating their actuality in an environment based on dialogue, openness to sharing knowledge of any kind, mixing practical experiences/expectations from traditional/creative economies – where business and creative industry talents work together interdisciplinary on new innovative solutions and applications.

Six ideas will be pre-selected, presented and discussed within the Creative Lab.

Call for participants (Deadline 20 September 2013)

Whether you are a Designer, Software Engineer, Developer or Innovator: All Creative Entrepreneurs are invited to join and make use of this open space, benefit from the feedback of others and to get inspired.


Thursday, 26th of September 2013

19.00  Get2Gether in designforum Salzburg (Salzburg’s new hub in design & media – opening in autumn 2013)

Friday, 27th of September 2013


  • Marie-Theres Zirm, Communication Agency Cardamom (Austria)
  • Susanne Wehrmann, Advisor for innovation and coaching, ITG – Innovationsservice für Salzburg

9:00 Opening of the first Creative Lab Salzburg

  • Mag. Christian Prucher, ITG – Innovationsservice für Salzburg Rüdiger Wassibauer, Schmiede Salzburg

9:15  “Open Salzburg” – Presentation of the selected project ideas and lab-work

12:00 Meet-up with Smiths* and lunch

13:00 – 18:00 Keynote and lab-work with Dieter Rappold, vi knallgrau (tbc)

18.30 Creative Tour with Smiths* through Schmiede and Schmiede-event

* Smiths are artists and entrepreneurs in the Schmiede Festival

Saturday, 28th of September 2013

9:30: Lab-work with mentors

  • Christian Salic, advertising and design agency (Salzburg)
  • Design and multimedia experts from the University of Applied Sciences

12:00: Pitch and feedback from the mentors

19:30: Final Schmiede Event – Werkschau