Applications should be submitted, under penalty of cancellation, within May 20th, 2014. To apply you need to:

  • Sign up to the platform and insert your profile as CCI
  • Sign up to Creative Camp 2014 and enclose the following documents:
    1. Business Model Presentation (in PDF format);
    2. A 1 minute Video-tale about the product/service;


  1. Application within May 20th, 2014
  2. Jury’s selection between May 21th and May 25th, 2014
  3. On-line vote between May 25th and June 13th, 2014 on

Additional Information

For more information, explanations and support to the application, please contact Arianna Vignati and Carla Sedini (Politecnico di Milano) calling +39 (0) 2 23995907, or writing to our e-mail address.

Requirements and Conditions for the Participation

The EU and extra EU citizens who want to apply to Creative Camp must comply with the following requirements:

  • They are not bankrupt, in liquidation process, cessation of business or have not entered into an arrangement with creditors and any other equivalent situation according to Italian Law or the Law of the applicant’s country, or have in place a procedure for the declaration of any of those situations;
  • Not to be convicted, by a judgment having the force of res judicata, for an offence concerning the professional conduct or financial crimes;
  • To have fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of social security and national insurance contributions in favour of employees, if any;
  • To have complied with the payment of their taxes and the Chamber of Commerce fee;
  • To have complied with the payment of their taxes and the Chamber of Commerce fee;
  • To fall into one of the categories admitted to participate;
  • Submit all the documentation required according to the procedure, within the deadline provided by this notice.