The selection of the start-ups shall be done by a jury formed by the partners’ representatives of the CCAlps project. 35 start-ups shall be selected and shall take part to the Start-Ups Expo freely using the stands made available by CCAlps [1].
The public shall vote on-line the 35 selected start-ups, which will take part to the pitching session with investors from all over Europe for free. The 15 start-ups gaining most votes from the audience shall present their business idea to investors who can select the business to be financed.

Jury and Evaluation Criteria

The jury shall be formed by a contact person for each partner of the European CCAlps project. The applications shall be considered eligible at the evaluation stage if:

  • They provide all the information and documents required, by the expiry date of the present call;
  • They are submitted by an eligible entity, according to the point 5 and the paragraph “Participation Requirements”.

The accepted applications shall be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Product or service innovation;
  • Special attention to social and environmental sustainability issues;
  • Communication and presentation skills.


[1] On the basis of the selected start-ups, the CCAlps partners shall assess whether or not to reimburse the costs of travel and accommodation in Milan to the Start-ups Expo participants.