CCALPS 2014 Application

Call for Business Ideas: extended deadline 20th May 2014

Are you a start-up of the cultural and creative sector? Respond to this call and participate in the selections of Creative Camp 2014, promoted by the European project CCAlps partners to become part of the Cross Creativity Event.

If your start-up is selected, you’ll take part to the Cross Creativity Event free of charge, the great international event regarding the start-ups of the cultural and creative sector, which will take place on June 19-20, 2014 in Piazza Lombardia, Milan.

The Project CCAPLS

CCAlps is a European project, financed under the Alpine space Programme, promoting the sector of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI), as a strategic element for growth of the European economy. Region of Lombardy is the coordinator partner of the project, involving a network of 9 institutions of 6 European countries: Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. In the context of CCAlps, the partners have realized 7 pilot actions called Creative Camp, and are working to create a European network of HUB[1], and have launched a web platform ( to facilitate exchanges and competitive development of CCI.

What is the cultural and creative sector?

The cultural and creative sector includes[2]:

  • Visual and performing arts, and cultural heritage (museums, archives, libraries, archaeological areas and monumental complexes);
  • Cultural enterprises: publishing (its multimedia forms included), music, radio and television, cinema and videogames;
  • Creative enterprises: architecture, design (and all its forms, including product design, communication design, services design, fashion design, etc.) and ads;
  • Enterprises elaborating digital contents, for all the mentioned industries.

Creative Camp 2014

Creative Camp is the pilot action promoted and conceived by the CCAlps partners. It’s a set of initiatives aiming at developing a network of cultural and creative micro, small and middle enterprises, in traditional and advanced sectors, local institutions, universities, research centers and private and public investors.

Creative Camp 2014 has planned an international event dedicated to cultural and creative start-ups: Cross Creativity Event. The event will bring together early stage start-ups, which underwent a mentoring journey offered by the CCAlps partners, and advanced stage start-ups, selected through this call.

Cross Creativity Event

‘Cross Creativity Event’ is the great international showcase of cultural and creative start-ups. It will take place on June 19th and 20 th in Piazza Lombardia, in Milan, and will bring together over 300 start-uppers in the same location, which can meet directly investors from all over Europe, and present their business initiatives with a dedicated stand.

Target Enterprises of the Call of Creative Camp 2014

Who can apply:

  • Sole proprietors and companies;
  • No-profit organizations and associations.

Fundamental requirements: applicants have been acting in cultural and creative sector for 6 months at least and their operating headquarters is in one of the regions belonging to the Alpine area.

[1] Services centers, incubators, co-working spaces, etc.

[2] With reference to the Green Paper “Unlocking the Potential of Cultural and Creative Industries”, European Commission, 2010.