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Woody the wooden bike is made from carefully picked hardwoods. Slovenian wood has been known of the highest quality in Europe. A good example of which are the Venice pillars that have been keeping this romantic city above the water for centuries. But the usage of wood is much more colorful as one might think. This is the heritage that Woody would like to continue in the present and future. Each Woody is already unique in it’s own way, but can be also customized by the owner.

It is not only the wood that matters but also stainless steel parts which are the functional elements that were precisely engineered.

The entire look of the bike is designed around the shape and functionality. This is why the mentioned materials are carefully picked, made and used in one fantastic entity – Woody.

Wood as such has it’s flaws that might show in the product. This flaws are a part of it’s unique beauty and do not affect on driving or strength. Each bike is carefully made and documented. Every Woody gets it’s own product number which allows us to track Woody from the wood supplier to end user. With correct maintenance Woody should last for generations.

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