Moenchhalden Street 27A, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany
+49 711 123 751 49 / +49 711 123 751 54 (Fax)

SOLID WHITE design & digital media is a creative agency for companies, organizations and agencies. The founders Christian von Bock, Patrick Müller and Simon Walk are developing interactive 3d applications since 2009 for exhibitions, events, mobile devices and interactive solutions for all relevant communication channels. In addition to the services the agency develops interactive media for children, casual games and utilities for mobile devices. Most of the projects are done with the Unity 3D Editor. SOLID WHITE is one of the leading creative agencies in the field of developing serious realtime 3d applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and OSX. The realtime 3d applications also run in web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

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