6900 Lugano, Switzerland
0041763433220 / 0041763433220 (Mobile)

Irradia is a small company based in Lugano, in 2009, from Pierfranco and Nello Sofia. Its activity is mostly around Lighting, Sound and Set Desing for showbusiness and live event. Company philosophy is to deeply manage technical skills to get benefit on the artistic creative processes, staying alwasy in touch with technical evolution of the market. For this reason an important part of its core business is the technical department, like technial manage, rental activity, tour managing and stage managing for live events. Recently opened an R&D department, active on 2 different projects of prototypes development. One is with SUPSI and CTI finacial support, for Lightshifter suite, and another is for Life, a top design suite of light design decors with recycled electronical parts, in collaboration with DAHRA sa Lugano.

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