19 Poljanska cesta, Ljubljana, Slovenia

GREATgames museum will be a cultural and creative enterprise, an international museum of games: board, miniature, role playing and other games. Our main objectives are: - to EDUCATE through games, - to PRESERVE games heritage and - to INTEGRATE all age groups.

The GREATgames museum will examine classical games combined with insight into development (and use) of contemporary games. Furthermore it will show how games reflect periods of the past and the backgrounds of the cultures that played games throughout history. The exhibits will be systematically collected and stored. Currently the GREATgames museum has one temporary (visiting) exhibition and is in the process of creating a permanent exhibition. The GREATgames team also already creates and contributes to different educational events, which help people acquire various skills (tactics, socializing...) through games. Museum itself will address visitors of diverse experiences, from different backgrounds and of all ages. In 2011 we have authored, designed and fully conducted a temporary exhibition “The dice is falling” in the National Museum of Slovenia. Furthermore we have attended some events with our fair booth. We have costumes, materials and social media pages for the GREATgames museum. We also have stories and exhibits ready. The knowledge and ideas in the field of games are developing more rapidly and are accessible to more people than ever before. Therefore the GREATgames museum will become a co-working space, an innovative space for gathering, learning and creating in the field of games. Come, join us! Leave a trace, do the impact!

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