November 29, 2014
In this issue
Creative Europe wants you!
Focus on the most interesting calls, opportunities, events for cultural and creative operators.
In this issue
Crowdfunding creative projects
What to know, what to do, whom to speak with, best practices about crowdfunding issues.
In this issue
Intellectual Property and CCIs. A chat with Cristina Manasse
Section of interviews with experts in specific topics about cultural and creative industries.
In this issue
Sources for Creative Jobs Focus: Italy
Showcase of the most interesting job opportunities.
In this issue
The Entrepreneurial Dimension of the Cultural and Creative Industries
in depth-analysis, interesting publications and research.
In this issue
Cross Creativity: a successful challenge
Reports about interesting events and highlighting of interesting appointments.
CCALPS MAGAZINE it is an online newspaper created as a common information channel dedicated to inform policy makers, SMEs and CCIs about the achievements of creative communities. The issue n.0 is on line: CREATIVE SECTORS IN ALPINE SPACE.