CCAlps is a European project that promotes the Creative and Cultural Industry, one of the most dynamic and strategic sector for the European economy growth.

It is financed by the Alpine Space Program of the European Union and its aim is to develop the competitiveness and the attractiveness of the Alpine Space Area, by strengthening the relations between urban and peripheral areas.

Lombardy Region is the lead partner of the project that involves a network of nine institutions from six European partner countries: Italy, France, Germa­ny, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The main objective of the project, starting in October 2011 and ending in July 2014, is to create a European network allowing Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) to give their high­est potential, contributing to increase the competitiveness of the Alpine Space.

In particular, the aims of the project are to:

  • Promote creativity and innovation as strategic factors for the development of the production activities and  facilitate the meeting between CCIs and other micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), universities and research centers.
    New creative ideas will be selected in order to be developed during the Creative Camps, workshops organized in every partners’ Country, with the aim to promote innovative projects, to favor  the collaboration between creative companies , MSMEs and institutions and to create long-lasting relations.
  • Create a transnational network among HUBs (incubators, services centers and co-working centers) that are present in the territories of the partners’ Regions, enterprises and other stakeholders.
    A web platform will support the network in order to stimulate meetings and exchanges between the different subjects of the sector and to spread knowledge about the events of the project
  • Increase the awareness of public institutions about the role of CCIs through:
    The organization of transnational events about topics and needs of the creative and cultural sector
    The definition of new guidelines for an effective action to sustain the creative and cultural sector in the Alpine Space



Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) involve activities that give an important contribution to the economy, introducing innovation and favoring the growth in the job market. This sector involve visual arts, performing arts, heritage, architecture, design, advertising, film and video, television and radio, books and press, music and videogames.


An Hub is a physical or a virtual structure that supports the creation (start-up) and the development of Creative and Cultural enterprises. The Hub  is a community, also virtual where it’s possible to access innovation factors, know-how and business opportunities.

The Hub is a central idea in the CCAlps project.
Some entities that can be identified as Hubs are:

  • Incubators
  • Services centres
  • Development agencies
  • Co-working centres
  • Cluster of enterprises
  • Districts

Several round tables were locally organized in order to listen needs, ideas and proposals for evaluate the possibility to create a network of hubs. Each country partners developed a business model for the creation of this local network.
In particular, Regione Lombardia and Politecnico di Milano put in connection CCAlps actions with InCompass project – Regional Policy Improvement for Financially Sustainable Creative Incubator (Interreg IVC) managed by Provincia di Milano.
During the event Cross Creativity (see below), CCAlps together with InCompass project organized an international meeting, called Hub Connection.


Creative Camp is the pilot action promoted and conceived by the CCAlps partners. It’s a set of initiatives aiming at developing a network of cultural and creative micro, small and middle enterprises, in traditional and advanced sectors, local institutions, universities, research centers and private and public investors.
Two editions of Creative Camps have been carried out, one in 2013 and one in 2014.
In 2013, each country partners develop its own Creative Camp and they also have committed to select one (or more) participant for the Creative Camps developed in the other countries. Instead, in 2014 local Creative Camps were more oriented to select among new projects or those already trained in 2013 participants for the international Creative Camp carried out on Lake Constance. All the information about Creative Camps are available here.

Cross Creativity was the event to bring together early stage start-ups, which underwent a mentoring journey offered by the CCAlps partners, and advanced stage start-ups, selected through the call. It took place on June 19th and 20th in Piazza Lombardia, in Milan, and brought together over 300 start-uppers in the same location, where they could meet investors from all over Europe, and present their business initiatives with a dedicated stand.

This section provides links to all the CCAlps documentation. We supply documentation in both online and offline (downloadable) form.

WP 4 Mapping of Cultural and Creative Industries needs

  • Creative and cultural enterprises in Lombardy: a regional scenario
  • Regional Analysis on CCIs - Piedmont Region
  • Regional analysis report: Image and audiovisual Hub on the French Riviera
  • Regional Analysis on CCIs - Lyon
  • The Cultural and Creative Industries in Baden-Württemberg
  • Regional Analysis on CCIs - Canton Ticino
  • Regional Analysis on CCIs - Salzburg
  • Analysis of Support Policies and Financing of Creative Industries in Ljubljana Urban Region

  • WP 4 Mapping activities

  • Summary Report on the mapping activities Summary Report on the mapping activities 

    WP 6 Network of Hubs

  • Transnational model for the activation of hubs
  • Business Model of the Network of Hubs
  • Intellectual Property for the CCIs

  • WP 7 Pilot action: Creative Camps

  • Exploitation and Dissemination Plan
  • WP8-Dossier of evaluation of pilot actions

    WP 8 Policy Recommendations and Lessons Learned

  • wp8_Brochure Lessons Learned
  • WP8- Dossier of Policy Recommendations work document
  • WP 8- Final dossier with Lessons Learned and ideas for policy makers

  • Brochures and communication tools of CCAlps


  • Publications

  • Forthcoming: C. Sedini, A. Vignati e F. Zurlo, “Creativity and Culture for the Territorial Innovation” in Resilient territories: innovation and creativity for new modes of regional development, Cambridge Scholar Publishing
  • 2014: C. Sedini, A. Vignati e F. Zurlo, “Conceiving a (New) Definition of Hub for the Development of a Transnational Network for Creative Companies” in Proceedings: Тhe idea of creative city/Тhe urban policy debate (eds. D. Wiktor-Mach and P.Radwański), European Scientific Institute
  • 2012: A.Vignati “Creative industries for the sustainable growth in Europe. The best practice case of the European Project CCALPS” in Proceedings: Projecting Design 2012: Global Design Bridge